#CleartheList – March

Hello everyone, Happy March!

I know starting spring on the calendar doesn’t mean anything but I can’t wait for a warmer weather and for nature to awake again.
As you might have read in my previous post, February didn’t work out as I planned. However, I’m more than happy to learn from my mistakes and create a new, hopefully, better routine in my life, whether it’s for language learning or just in general.
Because February was a smaller disaster I didn’t have time to plan March ahead. Hence why this post is being written on the first day of the new month.
This month I’m going to experiment in until I create something that is sustainable in my crazy and hectic student life. Therefore I’m not going to set strict goals for this month, mainly because over organising myself brings to much stress into my life. Therefore I would rather set directions in which I want to progress if that makes a bit more sense.

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#CleartheList- February Summary

There is a Japanese proverb that goes like this:

I’m sure you can guess the meaning, which is basically don’t give up and even if you fall on your face, stand up and keep going. This describes perfectly my situation.
February was a lot harder than I thought and hoped it would be. If you remember, in my original #CleartheList – February post I realised that I might have set too ambitious goals, despite keeping all my responsibilities in mind…

Let me just say, setting realistic goals is a skill that I yet have to master.

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Why (to struggle with) Japanese?

I am sure, every language learner reaches this point in their studies at some point. The point, where they start to question themselves. “Why did I start it? Is it worth the struggle? What am I aiming for? What do I want to achieve with it?”. If it’s never happened to you, you are either very lucky, or the feeling is just around the corner (hopefully the former).

To be honest, I didn’t have doubts about English or French, mainly because I had clear goals in front of my eyes set by me, or someone else (mainly by my tutor or my parents). So, after scrolling through many blogs, listening to podcasts and watching Youtube videos, the solution was clear and almost too obvious.

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#CleartheList – February

Although, It’s not February (yet), it is time to set up my goals for next month!

But first, a few words about what Clear the List is:

Clear the list is originally hosted by Lindsay (Lindsay Does Languages), Kris Broholm (Actual Fluency), Angel Pretot (French Lover), and Shannon Kennedy (Eurolinguiste). The aim is to set and share your language learning goals for a given month and then obviously try your best to achieve them by the end of it.

You can find the full description of Clear the List and how to join it, here.

So without further ado,

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